Links to track both Federal & State Legislation


On most of these websites, you can sign up for alerts to get updates whenever there is any action on a specific bill.


Need to know your Federal or State Representatives:

1. Find your Representatives              Using NOW's search feature, find both Federal, State & Local Level Representatives

2. Call My Congress   Find your Federal Reps, their addresses, phones, Twitter, email

3. Want to know when your Representative takes any action?  Set up a google automatic search.    Google Search


To search for bills in NJ:


To search for Federal bills:

To search both NJ & Federal:


Active bills (this week) on the Floor of the House of Representatives (Federal)  This week's bills

Active bills on floor of Senate (Federal)   Active Senate Bills

For Repro Specific Bills:

Research a candidates biggest contribtors:
Votesmart  The voters self defense system - Find bios, positions, votes, ratings, speeches sources of funding and other good stuff on all your representatives. 
My Representatives voting record by subject: Want to know how your Rep voted on issues?  Or how they are rated by different organizations like Planned Parenthood?   Here's Amy Handlin's record.....