Shore Area NOW



Abbie Spector – President
Lynn Hansen – Treasurer; LGBTQ Rights Acting Committee Head
Theresa Falcone – Co-organizer; Constitutional Equality Committee Head
Mariel DiDato – Co-organizer; Social Media Head; Repro. Rights Committee Head
Jill Stack – Recording Secretary; LGBTQ Legislation Investigator

Aimee Rabino – Recording Secretary

Laura Gesin – Twitter Manager
Kathleen Culver – Chapter Website Developer

Kelly Lozo – Chapter Website Tutor


Shore Area NOW Updates and Info:

1.    Chapter will be tabling at Pride Festival on June 4 in Asbury Park.

2.    Next meeting is Thursday, June 29th. The featured speaker will be Jennifer Fluharty who is on the Board of Pride Center in New Brunswick. She is an activist and outspoken critic of Chris Smith.

3.    Shore Area NOW Meeting Dates for the rest of 2017 are announced on the chapter website. Contact Abbie if you have an idea for a Chapter Meeting activity or know someone who would be a good speaker for a Chapter Meetings.

4.    Chapter elections are in November (November 2nd Chapter Meeting).  To vote, you must be a chapter member 3 months prior (by August 2nd) so if you haven’t become a member yet, go to and remember to “affiliate” with our Chapter #0275.  If you are interested in running for an officer position, you must be a member of NOW 6 months prior to an election. We will be having a Leadership Team Meeting prior to our July 27th Chapter Meeting to discuss an election committee and officer positions and duties which will drive the direction of our Chapter in the coming year.  Also, if you want to get more involved in chapter, please consider becoming a Committee Head for one of the Committees.

5.    Abbie went to the NOW NJ Board Meeting on May 20th in Mount Laurel. Minutes of that meeting should be up on the state website

6.    National NOW did an overhaul to their website started a National Action Program focusing on the 6 core issues. Check it out.

7.    Abbie urged everyone to go to the section called “Search & Monitor Important Legislation” on our Shore Area NOW website where you can research legislation and become active.

8.    Abbie spoke about three state bills that NOW opposes: Alimony Bill A3947, Child Support Bill A4461 and Gestational Carrier Bill S1238. She shared that NOW strongly opposes the Financial Choice Act (H.R. 10) and supports the Family Leave Bill A-4927.

9.    Committee Reports:

a.    Lynn reported on the LGBTQ Rights Committee Meeting held on April 19th (see LGBTQ Rights Committee link on Shore Area NOW website for meeting notes) and announced the next committee meeting will be on June 14th.

b.    Mariel reported on the Reproductive Rights Committee Meeting held prior to the chapter meeting. Notes will be published under the Reproductive Rights Committee link on the Shore Area NOW website. The next committee meeting will be held on June 29th prior to the Chapter Meeting.

c.    Theresa announced she will be starting the Constitutional Equality Committee before the end of June.

10. A bipartisan congressional commission released a lengthy report recommending the establishment of an American Museum of Women’s History in Washington, D.C. It will be part of the Smithsonian.

11. The NJ election primary is June 6th.


Program: Guest Speaker for tonight’s meeting:

Cheyenne T. Jacobs

Ms Jacobs gave a fascinating presentation on Intersectionality and Ending Gender Based Violence enjoyed by the entire audience. Her family participated at the end and the meeting turned into a discussion group. We all walked away with something new to think about.

Ms Jacobs is a 2017 graduate of William Paterson University with a degree in Sports Management and Communications.  Her education and passion have led her to a path of activism as a student leader against gender based violence on college campuses and the trafficking and smuggling of women and children across the world. 


June 30-July 2, 2017 – NOW Forward Feminism Conference & National NOW Elections in Orlando, FL *interested in attending? Email Abbie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.