Shore Area NOW                     



Abbie Spector – President

Lynn Hansen – Treasurer; LGBTQ Rights Acting Committee Head

Theresa Falcone – Co-organizer; Constitutional Equality Committee Head

Jill Stack – Recording Secretary; LGBTQ Legislation Investigator

Kathleen Culver – Chapter Website Developer


Shore Area NOW Updates and Info:

1.   Next meeting is Tuesday October 10th. Dr. Margie Donlon (Democratic Candidate for Monmouth County Freeholder) will be the Guest Speaker.

2.   Shore Area NOW Meeting Dates for the rest of 2017 are announced on the chapter website. Contact Abbie if you have an idea for a Chapter Meeting activity or know someone who would be a good speaker for a Chapter Meeting.

3.   Chapter elections are in November (November 2nd Chapter Meeting).  Details on the positions for nomination and process can be found on the home page of

4.   Abbie informed the group about members running in local elections, and notified members that short term actions will be communicated through emails.

5.   Abbie updated the group on petitions against DACA and gerrymandering in NJ.

6.   Committee Reports:

a.   Lynn reported on the LGBTQ Rights Committee Meeting held on August 16th (see LGBTQ Rights Committee link on Shore Area NOW website for meeting notes) and announced the next committee meeting will be on August 16th. Lynn announced the committee’s current action to communicate with State Committee Members to push S1405 & AJR94 out of committee and into voting stage.

b.   Reproductive Rights Committee will be on hiatus until 2018 due to Mariel Didato's (Committee Head) graduate study commitments for the Fall Semester.

c.   Melissa Bennett reported on the Ending Violence Against Women Committee on behalf of Deb Zappulla (Committee Head). The committee met and discussed a partnership with 180 for a letter writing campaign.

d.   Theresa Falcone (Committee Head) of the Constitutional Equality Committee reported no action has taken place on that committee.


Program: Guest Speaker for tonight’s meeting:

Vin Gopal

Mr. Gopal is a lifelong Monmouth County resident, local small business owner, founder of 501c(3) organization and Democratic candidate for Senate for District 11. He held the volunteer position of Democratic Party Chair, and decided to step down to run for State Senate.


Mr. Gopal spoke about his desire to bring real change to Monmouth County with his cost-effective ideas for small town consolidation and reform. He answered questions and invited NOW members to an event to fight for public beach access this Friday (9/8/17) at 6pm at Langosta Lounge in Asbury Park.