Shore Area NOW                      



Abbie Spector – President

Lynn Hansen – Treasurer; LGBTQ Rights Acting Committee Head

Shore Area NOW Updates and Info:

1.    The next meeting will be on Thursday, January 4, 2018. The meetings in 2018 will be the 1st Thursday of every month. Contact Abbie if you have an idea for a Chapter Meeting activity or know someone who would be a good speaker for a Chapter Meeting.

2.    Lynn announced the officers for 2018:

a.    President - Abbie Spector

b.    Treasurer - Lynn Hansen

c.    Secretary – Jill Stack

3.    Abbie discussed legislative updates:

a.    Amy Coney Barrett was appointed judge for US 7th Court of Appeals. This is a lifetime appointment of a woman who suggested Roe v. Wade was an erroneous decision and called the Affordable Care Act’s birth control benefit "an assault on religious liberty".

b.    The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released their 2018-2022 Strategic Plan (budget) last week.  This budget plan has devastating implications for women and reproductive health.  It is a license to discriminate and roll back reproductive rights.

c.      As of October 17th, the Congress had not passed a funding resolution for CHIP (Child Health Insurance Program) which expired on September 30th. This means that some of our neediest children (the ones caught between Medicaid & private insurance) will be going without health insurance. 

d.      Education Secretary, Betsy Devos announced she will change how the Department of Education enforces Title IX federal guidelines because she's concerned that the guideines maybe "over reaching" and those accused of sexual assault may not be getting a fair hearing.

e.      The House of Representatives voted "YES" on H.R. 36, an unconstitutional attempt to deny women their right to decide whether to have an abortion after 20 weeks and jail doctors who perform abortions after 6 weeks.


4.       Abbie discussed other items of interest:

          a.       The Office of Adolescent Health, a subdivision of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), distributes federal grants to dozens of public and private organizations to implement and evaluate evidence-based strategies to reduce teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, and risky sexual behaviors.  The program was supposed to be funded through 2020, but DHHS recently notified grant recipients that their funding will most likely instead end 2 years early on June 30, 2018, because the goals of these grants are not aligned with the Trump administration's priorities.

         b.      In June, Major League Baseball team Kansas City Royals decided that it would be a good idea to begin to promote anti-abortion /anti choice propaganda at their games and on their network of 60 radio stations.

         c.      Budweiser, one of the NFL’s biggest sponsors, is keeping a close eye on the “take a knee” protests during the national anthem. The company has set up a hotline for customers to leave their thoughts about the protests by NFL players, but says it has no plans to end its sponsorship of the league. Customers can call 1-800-342-5283 and leave their thoughts.

5.    Committee Reports:

a.    LGBTQ Rights Committee (Lynn Hansen - Acting Head): The LGBTQ Rights Committee met on October 18th. Lynn shared the two state bills the Committee is working on:

·       S1405 - Requires Boards of Education to include instruction and adopt instructional materials that accurately portray political, economic and social contributions of LGBT people and people with disabilities.

·       AJR94 - Supports Senator Booker's efforts to persuade the FTC to prohibit the practice of sexual orientation change efforts.

 These bills have been respectively referred to the Senate Education Committee and the Assembly Human Services Committee for discussion and have been sitting with these committees for over a year.  Through the advice of Senator Shirley K. Turner, the LGBTQ Committee is writing, emailing, faxing and calling the Senate Leadership (Steve Sweeney - Senate President, Loretta Weinberg - Majority Leader) and Assembly Leadership (Vincent Prieto - Speaker, Louis Greenwald - Majority Leader) to encourage the actual scheduling of these bills for discussion. The next LGBTQ Rights Committee meeting will be in February 2018. Exact date pending schedule of members.

b.    Reproductive Rights Committee (Mariel Didato - Head): This committee will be on hiatus until 2018.

c.    Ending Violence Against Women Committee (Deb Zappulla - Head): No report.

d.      Constitutional Equality Committee (Theresa Falcone - Head): No report.


Program: Guest Speaker for tonight’s meeting:

Tamlyn Wilbourne

Tamlyn Wilbourne is a Shore Area NOW Chapter Member and Registered Client Service Associate for Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Tamlyn presented “The Investment Short Course” which covered the basic building blocks of investment planning with a specific focus on women.  There was discussion on saving versus investing and the importance of diversification. It was a very informative meeting with lots of good questions.