Shore Area NOW





Abbie Spector – President

Mariel DiDato – Vice President; Repro Rights Committee Head

Lynn Hansen – Treasurer; LGBTQ Rights Committee Head

Jill Stack – Recording Secretary

Aimee Rabino – Twitter Manager


Shore Area NOW Updates and Info:


1.    Next meeting is Thursday March 1st.

2.    Future meetings will be the 1st Thursday of every month. Contact Abbie if you have an idea for a Chapter Meeting activity or know someone who would be a good speaker for a Chapter Meeting.

3.    Lynn reviewed the Chapter’s progress over the last year:

a.    Mariel, Abbie and Theresa Falcone revived the Chapter.

b.    Established monthly meetings and communication channels (email, website, social media).

c.    Membership growth and board member elections.

d.    Established 3 committees (LGBTQ, Repro, Ending Violence).

4.    Abbie discussed legislative actions:

a.    Reminder to contact officials that support causes to influence other legislators.

b.    Encouraged the group to contact Sen. Booker, member of Judiciary Committee, regarding Trump’s circuit court judge nominations and appointments.


Program: Guest Speaker - Maya Abdel-Megid


Maya Abdel-Megid is a high school student and activist. She discussed the role of women in Islam, told stories of some important female figures in Islam who became revolutionaries within their own societies, and proved the current socio-political image of a repressed woman does not reflect the past and present record of history. She also discussed how much innovation Muslim women have contributed to their respective fields in the US and around the world.


Maya’s presentation encouraged a thoughtful group discussion about the intersectionality of religion and culture (tradition, history) and Muslim representation in the media.