Shore Area NOW




Abbie Spector – President

Lynn Hansen – Treasurer; LGBTQ Rights Committee Head

Jill Stack – Recording Secretary; LGBTQ Legislation Investigator


Program: Guest Speaker for tonight’s meeting:

Sue Flynn

Sue Flynn is a member of the Steering Committee for the New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking. Sue became involved with human trafficking as a member of the Board of Advocates for Children of NJ.

Sue spoke about the circumstances for sexual and/or labor exploitation to be considered trafficking in NJ: force, fraud, coercion, or if the person is under age 18. She described the red flags that someone who could be a victim - Reluctance to speak, Exhausted, Dominated or controlled, Fearful, Long work hours, Alienated from family and friends, Gifts from older boyfriend and Signs of abuse. She also discussed the many challenges in fighting trafficking including the use of the Internet, and the difficulty of making arrests. Sue spoke about the New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking's SOAP Outreach Event to provide hotels with information and soap labeled with the National Hotline.

It was an extremely informative session and we look forward to working with Sue in the future.