Find Your Representative

Find your Senators, Representatives from the House, NJ State Representives, local county representatives and others all the way down to the local sheriff, town counsel, etc

NJ Legislators - search by name, district, voting record, etc

Dial the Capitol Switchboard in Washington, DC at 202-628-8669 and ask for your member by name – you can also ask the member’s DC office for contact information on district and in-state offices. Click here to dial directly the Senate offices, and for the House, click here. You can ask to speak to a staff member responsible for a particular issue or leave a general voice mail message.  If you dont want to speak to a live person, just call after the office closes and you'll be able to leave a voice message.

Most legislators are interested in what their constituents have to say. Be sure to identify yourself by name, town and zip code. Your message (pro/con) will be added to a “tally” kept on the issue. 

Also, note - The Town Hall Project keeps a calendar of upcoming in-person and telephonic town halls, and you can sign up to get notices by searching for TownHall Project on Facebook, Twitter, or webpage,