Ending Violence Against Women Committee Notes - Shore Area NOW

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Ending Violence Against Women Committee of Shore Area NOW held a meeting on August 23, 2017.

A very special thank you to those that attended: Melissa Bennet, Pamela Stockwell, Jennifer Carbone, Tamlyn Wilbourne and Abbie Spector.

The committee shared their stories and passion on how this important issue affects victims of physical and sexual abuse.  In addition, we expressed how the recent election served as an awaking for the many different stressors which may increase domestic and sexual abuse. Such as possible decreases in:

  • Hunger programs
  • Housing assistance
  • Educational services
  • Health Service
  • Employment assistance

According to NOW National, we know that legislation for violence against women may never be perfect, and many of the neediest women will suffer without knowing what recourse the law guarantees them.  The POTUS and 115th congress is painting a daunting picture of what may be on the horizon.  

Towards that end, we decided that instead of starting another group to combat abuse, we will align with and support established organizations that are already tackling this issue.  Shore Area NOW proposes that we show a place of strength by:

  • Collaborating with the staff and victims from 180 Turning Lives Around to harness their personal stories.  [180 Turning Lives Around presented their program at our meeting in July].
    • Take the stories we receive to our legislators to show the need for increased laws and programs to help victims of abuse
  • Provide a template for the victims at 180 to use to share their stories 
  • Volunteer at 180 - If you or anyone you know can volunteer, please contact Tina Morgan at:  tinam@180nj.org or phone at 732-264-4360 Ext. 4272
  • Moving forward SHORE AREA NOW will  increase our presence in the area by attending events in Monmouth and Ocean County with such groups as 180, Planned Parenthood and other like establishments.

Deb Zappulla will be reaching out to Tina Morgan and Mariel  Didato to get their feedback on this idea and creating the template. She will advise everyone at our next Shore Area NOW meeting on Tuesday, September 5th at the Eatontown Library on Broad Street in Eatontown.

Submitted by:

Deb Zappulla