The Shore Area Chapter of NOW had a leadership team meeting on February 20, 2017 at 3:30pm at their clubhouse or ladies lair in Eatontown, NJ. Abbie Spector, Mariel DiDato, Theresa Falcone, Lynn Hansen, Kathleen Culver and Liz Lamb were in attendance. The conference table was tastefully decorated in NOW colors and the snacks provided were truly a work of art and culinary talent.
We began with Kathleen doing an amazing job in leading us in discussions of the challenges facing Shore Area NOW, including:

- So many people want to help in some way
- What is Shore Area NOW's niche ('market segment')?
- The amount of information available is overwhelming
- There is overlap with other Special Interest Groups (SIGs):
Lots of other things have already started
How to avoid duplication
Documentation is key
- Coalitions possible?
- Need to identify issues/concerns
- Need to prioritize
From this discussion, we were able to identify some of the responsibilities of the Leadership Team, including:

- Channeling the current energy
- Creating a CREDIBLE Shore Area NOW
- Providing the organization needed to 'get stuff done'
- Establishing committees and Committee Heads
- Filling gaps in the Committee Heads
- Providing PR for Shore Area NOW
- Fundraising
- Planning effective Monthly Meetings
- Determining Shore Area NOW's niche in the 'ecosystem'
- Prioritizing issues via the committees

We then created the duties of the Committee Heads with their committees, including:

- Prioritizing a list of 3-5 issues/concerns to focus on in the next 6 months
- Associating each issue/concern with 3-5 actions (which will include who/what/how/when)
- Determining the top actions within the above for the next two months
- Determining what is needed from the entire Shore Area NOW Chapter (e.g., action support, etc.)
- Ensuring all committee members:
- "Know the CODE" (e.g., One can only say that one is a member of NOW - they do not "represent" NOW. Need to know NOW's positions - Actions need to be aligned with National.)
-  Are members of NOW
- etc. ACTION: Abbie will document and provide the "CODE" and requirements (e.g., must be NOW members) to the Committee Heads to share with their committees.
- Providing a list of coalition groups supporting the primary issues/concerns
- Sending emails to the Leadership Team for dissemination to the whole Shore Area NOW community
- Providing committee status reports on the above at the monthly Shore Area NOW Chapter Meetings.

We also identified the following areas:

- Resources:
- SME list (to be worked later)
- Membership list (presently under good control)

- Objectives:
- Attract new people to Shore Area NOW (Public Relations (PR))
- Hot Reputation (PR)

- Communications:
- Within Leadership Team (presently email, phone calls, texts)
- From Leadership Team to Shore Area NOW (primarily email, social media)
- From Committee to Shore Area NOW (email per committee duties)
- From Shore Area NOW to the World:
- Social Media (Facebook/Twitter) - presently up and running
- Webpage (Calendar of events/Meeting notes/Links) - Non-Existent: ACTION - Create a high level view of requirements for the webpage and work with Kelly Lozo to create the webpage (Lynn lead with Abbie and Theresa)

- Summary of Actions:
- Provide written notes of our 2/20/17 meeting to Lynn (Liz)
- Distribute modified notes to Leadership Team (Lynn)
- Document the Shore Area NOW rules and regulations, aka "the code" for the committees (Abbie)
- Create a high-level view of requirements for the webpage (Lynn lead with Abbie and Theresa)
- Work with Kelly Lozo to create the webpage (Lynn, Abbie and Theresa)