Links to track both Federal & State Legislation

On most of these websites, you can sign up for alerts to get updates whenever there is any action on a specific bill.


Need to know your Federal or State Representatives:

1. Find your Representatives              Using NOW's search feature, find both Federal, State & Local Level Representatives

2. Call My Congress   Find your Federal Reps, their addresses, phones, Twitter, email

3. Want to know when your Representative takes any action?  Set up a google automatic search.    Google Search

To search for bills in NJ:

To search for Federal bills:

To search both NJ & Federal:

Bills, committees, votes, lobbyists -

Active bills (this week) on the Floor of the House of Representatives (Federal)  This week's bills

Active bills on floor of Senate (Federal)   Active Senate Bills

 Senate Calendar with this week's bills

For Repro Specific Bills:

Research a candidates biggest contribtors:
Votesmart  The voters self defense system - Find bios, positions, votes, ratings, speeches, sources of funding, lobbyistsand other good stuff on all your representatives.