Shore Area NOW                      




Abbie Spector – President

Lynn Hansen – Treasurer; LGBTQ Rights Acting Committee Head

Deb Zappulla – Ending Violence Against Women Committee Head

Jill Stack – Recording Secretary; LGBTQ Legislation Investigator


Shore Area NOW Updates and Info:


1.    Next meeting is Tuesday November 2nd, last meeting of the year. The focus will be on financial planning.

2.    2018 meetings will be the 1st Thursday of every month. Contact Abbie if you have an idea for a Chapter Meeting activity or know someone who would be a good speaker for a Chapter Meeting.

3.    Abbie reminded the group that Shore Area NOW Chapter elections are coming up in November.

4.    Lynn discussed the chapter election process and announced the nominees:

a.    President - Abbie

b.    Treasurer - Lynn

c.    Secretary – Jill

5.    Abbie discussed legislative updates:

a.    Congressman Smith voted to pass Senate Bill 1553 prohibiting abortion past 20 weeks.

b.    Trump announced removal of birth control coverage.

6.    Committee Reports:

a.    Lynn announced the next LGBTQ Rights Committee Meeting will be on October 18th.

b.    Reproductive Rights Committee will be on hiatus until 2018.

c.    Deb Zappulla announced she met with Tina of 180nj on behalf of the Ending Violence Against Women Committee to discuss a partnership.


Program: Guest Speaker for tonight’s meeting:

Dr. Margie Donlon

Dr. Donlon is an Ocean Township resident running for Monmouth County Freeholder. She is Board Certified by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and has her Medical Degree from the University of Rochester and her Masters in Public Health from Yale University. In addition to her work with seniors and individuals with disabilities, Dr. Donlon volunteers for Surfers Environmental Alliance and Best Day Foundation.

Dr. Donlon discussed her campaign for Monmouth County Freeholder and her intent to bring change to Monmouth County. Some of the issues she hopes to address include improving affordable, quality education (Brookdale Community College) and the opioid epidemic.